Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Multi-Colour Monday, Tall Tuesday and Worn-Out Wednesday

Another week, and only halfway through it. *sigh*

Monday: I adore this dress but it's more of a summery pattern, so I wanted to get another wear out of it before the cool weather sets in (and it's quite chilly at night now). I last wore it here (pictures of the Spanish ladies on it here and here).

I layered a blue cami underneath it, my green cardi (last seen here) over of it, added my new red belt and my bright Kraft Dinner yellow Tsubos. Bam!

I was a little worried about the red belt and green cardi looking a bit too Christmassy, but what the heck. I like Christmas!

The stuff:
I had my white bird earrings on!

Cardigan (Kersh), dress (Lirub), shoes (Tsubos), belt (Le Chateau, consignment), cami (InWear), earrings (Lavichy).

On Tuesday, I foolishly decided to wear these very high heels:
After my walking escapades of the weekend, my dogs were howlin' after a full day of work and then a WW meeting! That's a 5" heel.

I felt very clever, however, by NOT wearing aqua and orange with them like I usually do. I know it sort of looks like it, but I wore teal (this cardigan) and red (the cami) instead!

The skirt is this silk burlap one that I got for $1.75. I'm on my third wear so that's down to less than 60 cents per wear. Ha!

The stuff:
Oh, dear shoes, sweet, sweet shoes. I got these in Carnaby Street in London in May 2010. It's almost time to put them away for the summer, too.

My jewelry helped tie it all together:
We've got the orange and aqua in there! L bought me this set for Christmas many moons ago.

Cardigan (Kersh), cami (Ricki's), skirt (Saks Fifth Avenue Collection, thrifted), shoes (Poetic Licence), jewelry (Lucky Brand, gift from L).

Today, I went back to flats to rest my poor feet:
This is a tried and true outfit - I have worn this top and sweater vest together at least three times before (proof? here, here, and here), and then I just put it with a neutral skirt (my high-waisted shiny one, last seen here, fourth outfit down).

I am feeling very worn down this week - I am totally looking forward to the long weekend!

The stuff:
Those green shoes are extremely comfy. My feet were happy.

The bronze-y bits:
Vizzini made off with one of the earrings as soon as my back was turned. Little devil!

Blouse (Nicole Beniste for Point Zero), vest (Le Chateau, swap from Ruth), skirt (Bedo, thrifted), shoes (Circa Joan & David, thrifted), earrings (Plum), bracelet (Jacob).

Speaking of little devils, I like it when L takes pictures of them when he's home with the kitties during the day.
Vizzini is obviously up to no good. I'm sure he's plotting the downfall of the shower curtain, now that he's pulled the den curtain bracket out of the wall. He hates curtains.

Inigo, on the other hand, is an angel. Look at those eyes!


  1. Wonderful colorful outfits, Sheila. I am sure those heels hurt like the devil, but oh boy, your legs are fabulous! I think Vizzini might actually *love* curtains, and want them near.

  2. I like the burlap skirt. You style everything so nicely you would look good in a burlap sack!

    Hope you get some rest during the upcoming holiday weekend.

  3. Love love the Mexican ladies dress.

    I will miss your outside shots in the winter. Boo for short days.

    Let me know if you need a good home for the aqua and orange heels. I wear a 7.5 or 8.

    Lastly, would you think about enabling the mobile version of your blog? It's hard to read on a smart phone.

  4. You look amazing in all three outfits- I especially like the first one with the full skirt- I have a hard time pulling it off without looking frumpy OR my shape looking unbalanced.

    Love your kitty shots!!! Funny how some cats like to lounge in sink bowls.

  5. Wow, I adore ALL of these, Sheila! The print on that first dress really is fabulous.

  6. Kasmira, I'm a 9-9.5, sorry! :) I think I enabled the mobile version - let me know if it worked.

  7. I am laughing at Vizzini's dark plans on the shower curtain !
    AND if I may add you are totally making the most out of that gorgeous dress.
    For me, it's kind of difficult to understand that you have to "put away" clothes until the next season comes as here we can usually wear anything any time - .
    You totally blew me off with the name "Kraft dinner yellow Tsubos"

  8. I don't know why I feel, now that you're doing multiple outfits per post, that I have to rank them, but the second one is definitely my favourite!

  9. Awww, I love the kitty pictures! And I'm really loving those skyscraper heels. Totally fabulous.

  10. Some fabulous outfits this week. I love that Spanish lady dress every time you wear it.

    Sweet kitty pictures. I hope Inigo is as innocent as he looks. Spike, my mom's cat, has the best Angel-face - but it's usually him who gets in trouble.

  11. I love your outfits, you always look so unique but pulled together...that skirt with all the pattern is awesome...I can't fit into your clothes but I wear a 9 shoe :), and I think you are in Canada :)

  12. I really really like that Lucky Brand jewelry. So colorful! I hear you about feeling worn down. Had to add an iron pill to my daily vitamin regimen, but it seems to be working.

  13. Love those orange and turquoise shoes; wearing them with teal and red was inspired!

    Hope you are resting up this weekend! I sure am.


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