Sunday, August 7, 2011

Patchwork, Paisley and Parachute

It was a nice short week, with only Thursday and Friday to get through before another weekend!

On Thursday, I wanted to wear this awesome patchwork jacket that I picked up at Dots.
I'm fanning myself because it was hot out finally! However, this outfit was needed in my freezing office.

Usually, I go into Dots for the real bargains but sometimes I just see things that I have to have because they are so unusual or unique. This jacket reminds me very much of my Desigual jacket, but it's not lined and has less decoration. It was $59.99, but I think it was worth it.

I like the blocks of colour on the back. I'm laughing at Vizzini.

Those are my skinny black pants. I don't wear them much, but I liked them with this outfit.

The outside shot:
I like the mix of grey, khaki, pinky-red and plaid in the jacket. Good for mixing up.

The stuff:
This is my last wear of these JLo shoes. They are getting a little battered, and although they are comfortable, the height of the heel is starting to make itself felt in the tops of my feet. I don't want to end up with a stress fracture from my shoes! Here's a little taste of the many ways I wore these awesome shoes...going all the way back to October 2008.

The last time I wore this necklace, I groused about it being too long - so this time, I put a couple of knots in the cord at either end of the chains. It was perfect!

Jacket (Dolcezza), pants (Kensie), shoes (JLo), necklace (gift from Tina).

I did find a couple of cheapy-cheapy things at Dots, including this awesome sheer blouse:
It has big floofy sleeves and is light as a feather. It was only $12.00 - not bad for Liz Claiborne! I was quite proud of myself for doing pops of odd colours with this. That's a purple belt I'm wearing, and the shoes have turquoise piping on them.

I still am on the lookout for the perfect denim pencil skirt. This one's slash pockets tend to bulge out when I walk and they are lined in white, which shows. It's most annoying. But most denim skirts tend to either have a massive slit in the front or back or just don't sit right. So I'm still looking!

The stuff:
A bit blurry at the end of the day. I like the paisley orange bits on the rust background.

A close-up:
The dots are actually a deep red.

Blouse (Liz Claiborne), skirt (InWear, consignment), shoes (P!nk), belt (Brave Belts).

My WW/pre- and post-Ultimate outfit for Saturday:
I liked how this wrap top worked over the parachute skirt. The cami wasn't the right colour (too red), but I didn't really care that much. Ha!

Top (Mexx, thrifted), skirt (Cute Options), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment).

After Ulty, I showered and traded the top half out for something more dressy:
L and I headed off to our niece Sydney's 2nd birthday party...only to find out that it wasn't yesterday! It had been postponed a week, and is actually today, and (aside from doing my blog) we have plans already. Bummer! I was looking forward to seeing all my fam.

Cami (Esprit), tie cardigan (Guess, consignment), choker (vintage 60s, Mom's), cuffs (SkinzNHydz, Catalyst Reaction Leather).


  1. Those black heels are so spectacular looking. Sorry to hear they put a bit of strain on you!

    The parachute skirt is quite dramatic - as are YOU, my friend! The pink patches on back of the jacket being yet another example of the "drama"!

  2. Great looks, Sheila! Those black shoes do not look comfortable, but they look hot. Sorry they have to go. Your denim pencil skirt looks perfect - great length and lines. Maybe you can stitch the pockets shut?

    Come over and post a pic on Visible Monday, if you get a chance.

    Hey Vizzini, looking adorable. : >

  3. I'm with you--I'm always on the hunt of a perfect denim skirt--they are illusive sometimes...
    Love those skinny black pants on you--you look VERY svelte in them....Love, Paula

  4. The black heels, I agree, do not look comfy, but they do look amazingly badass. That jacket is amazing. Well worth the price. I think outerwear is one of the things to spend more on. The first outfit has a very glampunk feel to it.

    I like the breezy blouse, I think that is a pretty good price for Liz Claibourne.

    I superduper love your transitional looks. It shows how a difficult looking piece to style can be transformed from day to night in such a drastic way.

    I never felt the need for a denim skirt. I feel a bit odd ball about it. If I'm already wearing denim I'd rather wear jeans, shorts or capris. I love the looks that other people create for them, but that's one of those 'staple' items that I've never owned.

  5. I love the wrap top with the parachute skirt--that might be the best way you've worn that skirt yet!

  6. the plaid is so pretty in the first pictures of this post. I like the colors you chose to pair with it! (Sorry to see the shoes go, but I understand how sometimes you just gotta let something go!)

  7. Oh, those shoes are great! Too bad you can't wear them.

  8. You wear pencil skirts so well.
    Just a reminder that the Capsule Wardrobe Contest begins soon.
    Jane X

  9. Rebecca, yes, it's sad to let them go, but they had a good run. Thank you - I am all about the drama!

    Thanks so much, Patti! I like pockets too much to give them up. Aw, I keep missing your Visible Monday, so sorry!

    Paula, they are so elusive! Why?? Thank you!

    Megan, they are...but they aren't across the top of my foot, which worries me too much to keep wearing them. I like getting a lot of wear out of my pieces, so it's fun to just slightly change up an outfit. You don't have a denim skirt? I am so going to watch for one for you!

    Laniza, thank you!

    Vanessa, thanks!

    Wendy, we'll always have the pictures.

    Jane, thank you! Oh, is it? Cool! I'm in!


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