Friday, August 12, 2011

Three for Two

Wow, an update only two days later? And it's three outfits? What the heck?

I know, amazing but true. Here's yesterday:
This is probably my favourite look I've done with this gorgeous Smoking Lily skirt (previous iterations here, here and here) . I have always gone with grey or black with it, but I wanted to try something different, so I mixed it with the teal blue top and greeny-grey shoes. Adding the grey thin jacket tied it all together - well, at least that's the plan, ha!

I first wore the jacket here, during Pants Week.

This is the best colour representation of the skirt - hurray for outside light!
Once again, this skirt threatened to slide off my every time I got up from my chair. I had nothing to pin it to, to keep it up!

The stuff:
You can see the awesome chair pattern on the purple silk - it's all hand-done. I love this skirt and will never give it up!

Those are one of my most comfy pairs of heels (last seen here).

I wore my twisty metal snake thing as a bracelet:
I love those feather earrings!

Jacket (Leshop, consignment), cami (Ricki's, gift from Ruth), skirt (Smoking Lily, consignment), shoes (Hilary Radley, consignment), snake thing (gift from Elaine), earrings (local).

I liked the feather earrings so much, I left them on! L suggested dinner at the pub, so I changed out of my work clothes into something appropriate for a date with my awesome husband:
My floofy solid/sheer skirt (first worn here), my sparkly tee that I've had for a few years, and the Shoes That Must Not Be Zipped To The Top (one of them gets stuck).

Tee (Lisa International), skirt (Noa Noa), shoes (Wild Diva, gift from Caro).

Today, I felt rebellious. I wanted to wear something really "out there." So I broke out the Super Massive heels and my vintage suede 70s vest:
I felt very weighty, and just because my heels and vest are heavy!

I first wore the vest here, and the shoes here. Note to self: do not wear the shoes barefoot again. I have big blisters on my toes from the non-leather tops rubbing them. Gah.

But they are rather fabulous: I like them better with pants than with the dress I first wore them with.

Outside after work:
It's Friday, hurray! Have a super weekend!

Vest (vintage 70s, consignment), top (Majestic, swap from Caro), jeans (Esprit), shoes (Bebe), cuff (80s vintage), chainmail necklace (local).


  1. Yay for the frequent posts! And I love that Smoking Lily skirt: it's terrific. Your outfits are always so intriguing.

  2. Hey!! Missed your amazing outfits (out for vacation+summer blogging crisis)! I'm -almost- back now and I missed me some Sheila awesomeness!!
    Do I really need to comment on that unique skirt?? I didn't think so...! Give a squeeze to your kitties for me please!

  3. That suede vest (or waistcoat as I would call it!) is amazing.

  4. Beautiful looks...I especially like the first one and the twisted metal snake thing!!

  5. Great outfits! That skirt is so beautiful, I understand why you want to hold on to it for-ever. Love the snakey bracelet. You are so brave to walk about in those towering shoes - (do I sound like a LOL?)and they look fierce!

  6. I just love your style and spunk! And I'm thinking I need Weight Watchers vs. embracing my curves! LOL.

  7. Yay, an unexpected post! I always check... just in case...

    And what a set of outfits -you look lovely.

  8. The teal, purple and gray together are A.Maze.Ing. Love, love, love that first outfit!

  9. I love all three outfits. There's something so cool about the chair skirt.

    I love that royal blue skirt with the embellished tee. It's something with a little more oomph than a basic tee.

    That modern-70s outfit is insanely cool. It's like something I could see used in a magazine editorial. Yowch on the shoes though!

    (Oh, do let me know when you get the package from me! I don't know how long it'll take to get there)

  10. Yowza on the big tall shoes--blisters, but tall and slender.

    The first skirt is wonderful, but I'm admiring the jacket and those shoes.

  11. Oh man, I love the first and last outfits so much! That jacket is just gorgeous, and adding in the teal and purple -- as well as the long line of the skirt -- was perfect. And I cannot see a long-sleeved striped shirt without thinking of you, so I loved your last outfit with the chunky shoes. So cool and so very Sheila.

  12. I love that blue skirt, and those big-big shoes are boss!

  13. Ally, thanks - if only I could keep up with the comments.

    Dimi - good to see you!

    PixieSam, thank you!

    Pam, thanks!

    Patti, the shoes are not so bad.

    Tamara, thank you so much!

    Secret Squirrel, I'm still around a couple of posts a week!

    Louise, thank you for reading and commenting!

    Megan, thanks, hon!

    Terri, yes, they are tall, but my poor toes!

    Kristen, thank you!

    Kelly, thanks!

    Devore, thank you.


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