Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thursday, Friday and Is it Sunday Already?

When I uploaded my pics from my camera just now, I was all confused. What the heck happened to Thursday's outfit? Then I realized I'd already saved them on the computer. D'oh! I must be getting old.

I had to wear the amazing skirt that Megan sent me, so I built an outfit around it for Thursday: Isn't the pattern on the skirt cool? It's a very groovy tie-dye look - and the skirt is cotton, so it goes with the very laid-back West coast vibe goin' on over here. I kept the rest of the items very simple - the thin black sweater and some grey accessories - to showcase the skirt.

Good thing I still have purple toenails!

The stuff:
These shoes are on their last summer, I think (they don't work in winter). One more year, maybe! I love that pebbled texture on the belt - it sort of goes with the tie-dye.

I strung a purple and red brooch on a silver cord to make a necklace.

Sweater (Jacob, consignment), skirt (Mix Nouveau, swap from Megan), belt (Shi Studio), earrings (vintage), pin (gift from L).

Friday was a bounteous day! When I got home from work, there was this lovely card and fabulous heart pin from Steph of The Dashing Eccentric:She wrote a very sweet note inside and said she thought of my stripey jacket (this one, I think) when she spotted this little fancy. I love that it's wrapped in a piece of fabric and tied with ribbon. Thank you so much, Steph!

Friday's outfit was a bit lazy on my part:
It's basically a repeat of this outfit with different shoes. I figured what the heck. No one I saw all day even knows I wore this before.

The floofy underskirt is always fun:
I think my coworkers are finally getting used to how I do Casual Friday. Heh.

Dress (Ricki's), skirt (no label, consignment), shoes (Indigo by Clark's), obi (Smoking Lily, consignment), necklace (Foxy).

I had a half-assed outfit on for Saturday and did some thrift store shopping. However, it was really hot out and I was slathered in sunblock and sweaty from playing Ultimate for 2 1/2 hours in the sun, and by the time I got home, I just felt gross. So, no picture. I wore my Smoking Lily dress with my mustard cami (same as here) with these shoes. Not that exciting.

Today, I took a couple of bags of things down to my favourite consignment store for Annie to go through. I got a $125 credit (and I still had $10 left from last time), and bought a bunch of new things for "free"!

This is what I wore:
My top that I last wore with the same belt (here, scroll down), my fringed sandals, and this is a new denim pencil skirt that I found for $6.50 at a thrift store yesterday. Huzzah! I finally found a denim pencil skirt that I love!

The funny thing about it, though...I used to own this EXACT same one. This is the last time I wore it - I ended up consigning it or giving it away, can't recall which. Looking back at the other times I wore it, I used to complain about it riding up, so I think this new one must be a size bigger (it does look looser on me - I know my weight hasn't changed).

Buh-bye, old denim pencil skirt with your ugly slash pockets! You've been replaced!

Top (Jana, thrifted), skirt (Smart Set, thrifted), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), belt (consignment), purse (Hype, thrifted).


  1. Ooh! I love how you styled that skirt. The textured belt plays up the pattern in the skirt. It looks like it fit you pretty well too.

    Love the floofy underskirt. It certainly doesn't hurt to know you've got a tried and true list of outfits at the drop of a hat. That's the plus to blogging.

    Also I am so jealous of your consigning! It's got to be great to be able to trade stuff in towards new stuff.

    The new skirt also kind of looks a bit darker maybe? Maybe it's a re-release of the same pattern in a slightly different denim. Kind of how target has released a number of dresses an identical cut in different colors/slightly different fabrics every year.

  2. I've pondered doing an outfit just like your number two, but my only flounces are in a white cotton nightgown and because of that I've been afraid to try it. You're giving me courage...

  3. Loving your West Coast Vibe look. This West coast girl (me) has been hiding in the South too long....I need to get some style vibe going!

  4. Ooooh, pretty tie-dyed skirt, and I do love when you wear that ruffled petticoat skirt under dresses.
    Do you think maybe that denim skirt is the actual same one you consigned? Wouldn't that be funny, if you bought back the same skirt you sold before? :)

  5. Come on Terri, do a floofy skirt outfit like Sheila's - you can rock it! Sheila, I love, love that skirt. Congrats on the new denim pencil skirt. And I love the new purple one from Megan too. Scores!

  6. I love that first skirt! Such pretty colors. And the second outfit is so cute with those ruffles peeking out.

  7. That tie-dyed skirt is gorgeous; I love the dip-dye color effect. The belt and shoes look like they were made to go with it.

  8. I love the casual Friday outfit! I want ruffly white skirts now!

  9. I agree with Terri--I would have loved to do the foufy thing with a petticoat! I love that look on you!

  10. I love reading your posts. They're so much fun.

    And I must get myself a floofy underskirt! But I think I need to build a time-machine first to go back a century for a store that sells them. Is that what you did?

  11. The tie-dye is great She! Agree with WendyB...the wave is a super-cute pose.

  12. Wow, look at YOU! What wonderful ensembles you wear! Work it, miss!

  13. Megan, no, Smart Set is a teen store - they don't re-release their clothes. I do think it's the same year/season as my old one, though.

    Kristen, no, it's a different size. My old one was smaller (and rode up on me) - this one sits lower on my hips.

    Ally, nope, I just found it on a rack in a consignment store!


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