Sunday, August 14, 2011

Casual Weekend - Fun in the Sun

This weekend was our second annual Winesday Women lunch. Same as last year, we sat out on the grassy patio at a local restaurant/brew pub and drank sangria and beer until our men joined us. It was fabulous.

I wore this cool Armani Exchange top again:
Vizzini the Photo-bomber, the Mad Bomber What Bombs at Midnight!

I'd forgotten about these pinstriped shorts (last seen over a year ago). I was fully sunblocked but took my stripey cardi (last seen here) to wear in case of a breeze:
I also went to WW in the morning prior, so it was good coverup. Vizzini comes in for another bomb!

Megan demanded a close-up of the metal strips last time I wore this top. Here you go:
Cool, eh?

Cardi (Express, thrifted), top (Armani Exchange, consignment), shorts (INC, consignment), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), earrings (gift from Tina), wrist-wrap (Club Monaco).

I walked through Chinatown on the way down:
I love all the little grocery vendors.

This is a shot looking out onto the water at the pub:
Lots of boats around and seaplanes overhead.

Today, I only got dressed to go for lunch with L and get groceries:
A little dozy after all that sun and sangria the day before! Same stripey cardi, 'cause who doesn't repeat stuff?

Cardigan (Express, thrifted), top (Costa Blanca, consignment), jeans (Jackpot, swap from Caro), shoes (La Canadienne, consignment).


  1. I love the Winesday tradition! Baby Vizzini is growing up - what a sweetie. I love your A/X top and striped cardi.

    Come on over to Visible Monday and post a pic, if you have time - you always have a great visible, pulled together look.

  2. I've got an almost-identical striped cardi but never thought of tying it. Great idea!

  3. That tank is so cool, I love the metal bits! Definitely a great way to pump up a basic.

    Vizzini the Blur of Super-Kitty Invisibility.

    I love street shops/roadside shops. We usually have a number of roadside stands in the summers selling fresh fruits and veggies. We've grown many of our own this year though.

    The striped cardigan is a perfect cover-up. Who cares if you were it twice in row, that doesn't make it any less awesome.

  4. I understand why you repeated the striped cardi- it's a fantastic piece! (And you styled it differently each time- so it had separate looks!)
    I just love that drapey fabric that so many things are made of right now- mmmmm... soft....

  5. Really we all repeat! And when you love something--you just gotta repeat. Love that Armani top too!

  6. I am loving that "summery Sheila" look---
    when Ralph and I met we thought of you! and that you'd be a blogger worth meeting.

  7. I adore the striped cardi over the sequins!

    When I lose so much weight that I am practically naked, I'm bringing a big pile of $ and begging you to take me shopping in your town!

  8. Both of those are super cute outfits. Glad you had a good weekend!

  9. Hey! We were there on Sunday too! Crazy :)

  10. 'Doll, you're on! I'd love to go shopping with you!


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