Friday, August 26, 2011

A Yellow Theme and Cats

Happy weekend, everyone! I hope yours is sunshine-y and bright.

First, two suck-monsters:
I think they only cuddle when we're not looking, but L managed to catch them (I found this pic on the camera when I uploaded my outfit shots).

Yesterday, I just felt like being bright:
REALLY bright! I love this dress so much - I first wore it here. I liked it with the gold shoes and my mom's old gold chain belt.

The stuff was attacked (again):
Rar! He's giant!

Dress (Calvin Klein), shoes (Aldo, consignment), belt (vintage 60s, Mom's).

Vizzini discovered that water comes out of taps this week:
And kitty likes the cool porcelain of the sink. He was so funny, I had to take his picture.

Unfortunately, I was totally rushed this morning and forgot to do my outfit shots, so here I am (complete with fist-pump), happy that my Friday is over!

I went ultra-casual today, which is quite rare for me (for work, anyway). I just didn't want to wear heels, and so I kept it really simple. I last wore this shirt here.

Shirt (Ralph Lauren, thrifted), jeans (Seven7, swap from Caro), shoes (Wild Diva, swap from Caro), earrings (Plum).


  1. Awww kissy-kitties. So cute. What is it about cats and sinks? Sammypants loves to drink from the running tap and I can't keep Spike out of the tub (he's a bit too blobular to fit in sink).

    Love the eye searingly bright yellow dress, and casual yellow look! Sometimes you've just gotta use the Keep-it-simple method. ;]

  2. Those kitties are adorbs and I love Vizzini's discovery of the sink. And that yellow dress is DIVINE.

  3. Ah never enough kitties! I had a gorgeous black kitty that loved to sleep in the sink, even though he was so big, he spilled out.

    You are smashing in yellow, pretty lady!

  4. I love that yellow dress! I really want to get something yellow... I'm just waiting to be able to wear normal shoes, then I'm buying yellow ones!

  5. I really like the shade of yellow in the dress...I have a yellow cardigan I am just itching to wear when the weather gets was 106 yesterday and will be 107 today...I am so anxious for autumn! or something like it!

  6. Goodness, those kitties are too cute for words.
    You know I love that yellow dress too. Looks fab on you!

  7. Oooooohhhh they are so cute.
    I'ts funny how when you catch them doing things they are not supposed to, like when I catch my dogs eating my favorite plant - i can do nothing but just laugh.
    Well I have been known to scream but most of the time i laugh.
    I like your yellow dress but for some reason today I am all for that simple look. The plain jeans, flats and button down. This only proves that you look good in anything !

  8. That yellow dress is just wonderful. And I trust you've seen Cats in Sinks?

  9. I love that yellow dress. It is a BEACON of sunshine. Hurray!
    I love the picture of Vizzini in the sink! I had a cat that loved sinks, running water, and bathtubs filled with water. LOVED them. Odd for a cat, yes?
    It must run in our family though; as now my dog has taken to sleeping in the bathtub. It has horrified some visitors when I forget to warn them...;)


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