Sunday, March 11, 2018

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Sick Day and Saturday Two-Fer, Dish-Play, Cat on Deck, and Special Guest Schtar

I started feeling stuffy at work on Thursday, and popped a Reactine (my usual go-to for allergy season), hoping it would make all my symptoms magically go away until all the freaking flowers stop blooming, Here we go, all ready for work on Friday. 
 Guh. I can't breathe. My head is pounding, my chest rattles when I breathe and I'm a snot factory. Also, I'm a klassy gal.

  • Jacket - Dolce & Gabbana, thrifted; first worn here (2nd outfit) over Desigual in January
  • Sleeveless sweater - Dana Buchman, thrifted; last seen here in November 2017 for a weekend brunch
  • Skirt - Serbasar, thrifted; purchased here for $14.95
  • Shoes - Fly London; last seen here (2nd outfit) in November 2017 with all greens
  • Coat (below) - Samuel Dong, thrifted; last worn here in February

I deliberately spent my entire weekend hiding away from the world, and going outside very minimally. Hence, my "Visible Monday" entry this week, over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style, is actually my awesome Superhero outfit from Thursday, here. Enjoy!

 Look how happy I am!

Here's how I really felt.

I lasted just over an hour at work (enough time to get my computer up and running and deal with my 104 emails), then went home and crawled right into bed.
 I slept all day Friday, and roused myself just enough to hang out with L for a couple of hours.

Outerwear - I didn't like how this jacket went over the longer skirt.
 Doesn't quite look right to my eye. Wrong proportions.

The stuff:
 Although I love these shoes, I couldn't bear to have them on. All my joints ached after just a couple of hours.

Holiday bling:
 I like buying jewelry when I go on vacation.

  • Ring - Scotland, 1996
  • Earrings - Stella and Dot, consignment, Vancouver

Because I felt like this new-to-me skirt didn't get a fair shake, I wore it - and the jacket - again on Saturday for brunch with L.
 I found the label "Serbasar" inside it, down one of the seams, but can't find anything about a brand with that name (a lot of porn out there, though!).

  • Jacket - Dolce & Gabanna, thrifted; last seen one whole day ago
  • Sleeveless sweater - August Silk, consignment; last worn here in January, layered under a dress
  • Skirt - Serbasar, thrifted; worn one day prior
  • Boots - Prepare Guide, Fluevog; last seen here (2nd outfit) in October 2017 with cream leather

 I preferred this iteration of the skirt more - I think the darker grey looks better than the cream sweater. I also like the wrinkly grey wool boots with the full skirt.

Jacket on.
 Yes, this outfit's the winner.

L and I walked (slowly) to town for brunch, then I did my weekly grocery shop.
 The silk twirled and swirled in the light breeze. It was sunny, but still cold out.

I'm not sure if I 100% love this skirt.
 The cream lining takes away from the photo collage pattern of Italian landmarks on the silk.

It was far too chilly to just wear a wool scarf.
 So, of course, not being in my right mind, that's all I wore.

  • Scarf - Smoking Lily

The stuff:
 I love these boots, although the moths have been getting to them again.

  • Earrings - 10th anniversary gift from L
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

For the rest of Saturday, I read and napped on the couch, exhausted and completely stuffed up. The only useful thing I did was to dust off this two-tiered fancy serving dish.
 You're probably supposed to put macarons on it for high tea or something. I collect amber glass, and this is a piece that (I think) my mother-in-law found for me somewhere.

Instead of food, I wanted to use this dish to bring some order to my cuff/bracelet collection, which has been encroaching on my dresser space.
 My two jewelry boxes, my earring dish, a bag of bigass necklaces, and some tins with things in them. And many cuffs, scattered all around.

I'm a visual person; I need to see what I have.
 My copper cuffs on the top (they'd been hidden in the tall jewelry box 's bottom drawer), and my other cuffs (and my anatomical heart pendant) on the bottom.

That looks so much nicer!
 I love being able to see everything, and I'm happy that this dish is getting some use. I can also move it around as a unit when I need room.

Saturday marked the first day of our deck door being opened a crack for someone to go out there.
"Wait, am I going to be locked out here?"
 The folded up blanket is Vizzini's bed on the deck. When he is very naughty and paws me in the face at 4am (and won't refrain, doing it again and again while I become a raging monster), he gets locked out here until we get up and let him in to feed him at 6am.
"So, I'm not going to get decked? This sun is for me?"
 Yes, you've been a good boy, Vizzini.
"No one says that about me, Woman."
 Once he got used to the door being open, he had to have the best of both worlds.
"I'm out AND I'm in! Take that!"
 He flopped right across the doorway.
"Cat, meet Sun."
 He gets a little overstimulated and writhes around a bit.
"The sun! The deck! The excitement!"
 Vizzini, just settle down.
"What? Who, me? I'm just chillin' here."
 I caught him mid-yawn.
"I am a fierce panther!"
 He does look scary there!

On a totally different track, one of my youngest fans is Kailani, the daughter of one of my coworkers, Trisha. I have Trish's permission and enthusiastic "Yes!" to post these pictures of her budding fashionista.

In Trisha's words:

Your 7-year-old superfan wanted to share with you what she is wearing today – in her words, “Sheila is going to LOVE this outfit.” I also had to make sure to send you all the information just like in your blog post – notice the “famous” stair picture that we also had to take this morning… I think we have a future blogger in the making (I will make sure she credits you and thanks you for your inspiration when she wins her first Academy Award J).
"My stair pose is aces!"
 Today Kailani is wearing:

  • Tiger sparkle ¾ length sleeve cotton so soft shirt – brand unknown; we cut out the tag as it was TOO itchy – these fabulous sparkles are made by sequence.
  • Beautiful grey pleated “swooshy” skirt SO SOFT – note the sparkle waistband – Osh Kosh
  • Purple tights with studs for that edgy look – Children's Place

We totally matched our grey skirts from my outfit here on Tuesday!
Sparkle waistband - check!
 The Stuff:
  • Kailani accessorizes with socks because she can’t wear jewelry to school – it is too much of a distraction for her ;)
  • Today's socks are a stripe/star combo bought at Winners
  • Strawberry hair clip

Wow! What a fabulous outfit! Kudos to Kailani on her awesome styling! We can all say we knew her "when." What a Schtar!!

Leaving you with evidence of both my couch-snoozing, and Vizzini's actually being cuddly.

"Gads, Woman, must you interrupt my nap?"
 That's his little front paw there with the white toes. Aw....
"Go awa...zzzzzz..."
More naps await! I hope you all had a lovely snoozy weekend.


  1. The first picture I've seen with Vizini's eyes closed! Woot!

  2. Kailani's styles are awesome -- love the studded tights! You are quite the influencer, Sheila. FYI, the gray top with the skirt makes your waist look tiny.

  3. Awww - you look fabulous even though you weren't feeling it. That outfit is so pretty.
    Vizzini looks so evil in that photo!
    We're almost shoe twins - I did have those Fly, London shoes (chazza shop find) - but passed them on when my hip started misbehaving, the angle of the heel seemed to make it worse. Boo!
    Kailani is a sweetheart. xxx

    1. Thanks, Vix! Vizzini is sometimes evil...
      Oh, nice - this is probably the last wear of these - I find them too high as well.

      She is!

  4. Sorry to hear you were unwell, but sounds like you have recovered nicely over the weekend and got some much needed down time. I love the skirt both ways, although you're right the second outfit is my favourite.

    How sweet that Kailani is getting inspiration from your blog too! You are a wonderful, stylish person and I have no doubt you are inspiring many more people around the world (like me!).

    1. Thanks, Mica! The downtime has been good.

      She's such a cutie! Aw, thank you!

  5. I loove the D&G jean jacket and prefer the second outfit with the skirt. I do agree that the proportions seem a little off with the longer jacket.
    I do hope you are feeling better !

  6. Hope you are feeling better, Sheila. It must have been exhaustion playing this trick in you. As for your skirt and jacket, yes I agree that the second version is the best one. Love the boots, shame about the moths! Isn't it typical: Phoebe can never decide whether she wants in or out either. And Kailani is a budding star! xxx

    1. I'm sure that factored in, Ann. I'm really wiped out by this bout of allergies.

      Vizzini is so funny. And Kailani is adorable!

  7. Wow!!!! Little K is a big fashion inspo already! Hope you feel better----allergies/colds are no bueno!!!

  8. Vizzini is a hoot!

    I liked your outfit but I do see what you mean about the cream lining. I wonder if a grey or black half slip would work better if you cut the cream lining out? I thought the pattern on the skirt was fabulous and it's a shame it can't be seen.

    As for Kailani - she is a schtar indeed!

    Hope you're feeling better now.

    1. He's a funny guy.

      Eh, I can't be bothered to hack the skirt up - I'll just pass it along. Not quite there.

      She is a Schtar!

      Thanks, hon.

  9. I'm with you on the moth problem. I hate when you buy some nice wool or cashmere garment to have it end up being moth food and eventually unwearable. Darn critters! Also, always love the Vizzini commentary. We've had two cats for awhile, and they LOVE lying in the sun. But we just got a new kitten, my first black and white cat! He has alternating pink and black toes on each of his white feet, so stinkin'cute!! So I relate.

    1. It's so frustrating! But (sigh) they are only clothes. Vizzini is really the star of my blog, ha ha! Aw, your cat sounds adorable!

  10. I'm not surprised to read that you crashed and burned that day - you've been looking peaky for a while. On the upside however, you did look rather lovely in that skirt particularly when you added the slouchy boots - good move!

    And how fab that you have a budding fashionista on board. I love her styling - you've been an inspiration!

    Anna x


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