Monday, May 18, 2015

Bigass Long Weekend Wrap-Up: Fluevog Day, Soft Denim, White and Yellow, Visible Maxi Drama and Shoe Shone

Well, it has been a weekend! This is a long weekend in Canada (Victoria Day, named after Queen Victoria), so no work today. 

But what about that weekend? It has been very busy! Today's my "down" day, so I'm lounging about, drinking coffee and petting Vizzini. 

We started off with Friday.
It was Fluevog Day! I built my outfit around these shoes.

  • Sweater - Dalkeith, vintage 60s, thrifted; last seen here with Odette in March
  • Skirt - Precis Petites, thrifted; last seen here in July 2014 with blue polka dots
  • Shoes - Faith Hi Lo Reumah, Fluevog; last worn here in July 2014 for Shoes My Husband Hates
  • Shoes (below) - Predictions, thrifted; last worn here earlier this month with a hi-lo dress

I'm a bit surprised that neither the skirt nor the shoes have been worn in close to a year (they are both packed away over the fall/winter), but I love both of them.

I also really liked the silhouette of this outfit on me. It's a great little sweater!
Did you spot the scarf in my hair?
 The shoes are not super-comfortable (that is a wooden sole), but they are fine for a day at work.
I had after-work plans so I brought another pair of shoes to work too!

The stuff;
The shoes are tricky to wear mostly due to the wild colours in the floral leather and the stripey wood of the heels.

Stuff Part Two:
I took my coworker Simona shopping at Value Village - I did the work, finding all the good stuff on the racks, then we did a pre-try-on in the aisle, then headed to the fitting rooms for the final go-through of all the stuff. We did really well! She got a cotton trench coat, about 6 skirts, 2 cardigans, 5 or 6 blouses and tops - all for about $150! She was thrilled - she got a giant bag of stuff.

Dragon bling:
I love this set.

  • Dragon necklace and bracelet - vintage fair, gift from L
  • Earrings - local
  • Scarf - Ralph Lauren, consignment

We went for dinner and drinks afterwards - we were mighty parched after our 2 hours of shopping.

On Saturday, we had our Ultimate Frisbee game.
Easy clothes for my creaky old bod.

  • Shirt - Mexx, consignment; last seen here in June 2014 with floral lame (lah-MAY)
  • Skirt - Club Monaco; last worn here (4th outfit) in March
  • Shoes - Anne Klein, thrifted; last seen here in March with a crazy dress

I need another denim shirt - this one is a wee bit too tight in the boobular region.
I love how this skirt billows in the breeze!

The stuff:
These shoe felt too snug after 2 hard hours of running in cleats! I really wanted loose sandals after the game.

  • Necklace - local

We did lunch after the game, but by the time we got seated, it was too late for me to order food, so I had to run home to get ready for my afternoon outing with Mom.

We went to see "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike" at the Belfry Theatre, which was excellent (review here).
It was a lovely and sunny afternoon, although a bit windy. My hair actually stayed put!

  • Dress - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; purchased here for $23.50
  • Cardigan (below) - no label, thrifted; last seen here in June 2014 with tropical leaves
  • Shoes - Camper; last worn here in April with chrysanthemums

We strolled down to the theatre, which is in an old church (hence the name "Belfry"). Unfortunately, I realized that I'd forgotten my wallet and I had to run all the way home and back to get it! Yikes!
 Thank goodness for these ultra-comfy shoes and for a cotton dress.
 I love the shape of this dress - it was wonderful to wear all evening.
For warmth, I did this little lemon cardigan over it. Add the fruit bag (and scarf) and we're all summery!

The stuff:
I must preserve these shoes forever - I adore them.

Glass bling:
My pretty set from Venice.

  • Necklace/earrings - gift from L; purchased in Venice
  • Ring - junk store, late 90s

Mom and I went out for dinner afterwards, then L and I hung out and played board games for the evening.

On Sunday, L and I went for brunch (I missed my usual lunch on Saturday, after all!), followed by my grocery shopping for the week.
Doesn't everyone grocery shop in a shiny 70s maxi dress?

I'm linking up to the last "Visible Monday" at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style - she's taking a hiatus over the summer from it. I shall continue to be visible, however.

  • Dress - handmade, vintage 70s; thrifted here in January for $17.50
  • Shoes - Coach; last worn here in August 2014 with peplum and chairs
  • Cardigan (below) - Kenar, thrifted; last seen here (3rd outfit) in August 2014 with the same skirt as above
  • Sandals (below) - Born, consignment; last worn here (3rd outfit) last September 2014

I wore the belt in my hair.
The long ends hanging down my back were Dramatic, but got stuck in the chair in the diner and in the car. Annoying.

I wore a purple cardi to ward off the wee chill.
After grocery shopping in these shoes, I concluded that they would not be suitable for walking to the pub and having drinks (every-wary of wiping out, I am).

Which is what we did for the afternoon: meeting up with our couples friends and hanging out at the local pub on the patio in the sun.
Change-up for this shiny metal belt and flat comfy sandals. I was still pretty stiff from Ulty and my unexpected jog to/from the theatre to get my wallet.

The stuff, part 1:
I love these sandals, but they're getting near the end of their life with me. They are high, and I'm fearful of falling.

  • Belt - Mom's, vintage 60s

 The stuff, part 2:
My go-to sandals of last summer, and I expect I'll wear them a lot this summer too.

Primary bling:
I wore the same ring, earrings and cuff all day.

  • Belt - thrifted
  • Cuff - thrifted
  • Ring - Tammy's store
  • Earrings - 5th anniversary gift from L

Vizzini has been lolling about like a lazy kitty.
"Who are you calling lazy?"
And after a year of doing Shoe Shine, I am done. I enjoyed doing it, but it's a bit of work, and whenever something that I enjoy doing (like blogging) starts to feel like work, it's time to back off. I love doing my blog and want to keep doing it as long as I continue to enjoy it - so I'm losing this less enjoyable part.

So, Shoe Shine has shone! Thanks for the shoes and the memories!


  1. I'd love to see more people grocery shopping in dresses like yours! It's fab. Great to see Viz is not straining himself, too : >

    Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  2. Really like that red skirt, styles, as always!

  3. I love your brunch/grocery shopping/ pub afternoon dress!

    Some days I feel a little overdressed for grocery shopping, but why not wear what makes us happy? :)

  4. Gggggulp. I love that maxi. I'd even go shopping for brussel sprouts in that dress! I'd go to the dentist in that dress!
    And the white dress with the buttercup sweater is one of the sweetest ensembles, really feminine, and you look great in it.

  5. Love that dragon necklace and bracelet set, and that '70s maxi is pretty fabulous too! x

  6. My personal favourite is the white dress and how you matched it with the fellow cardi and flower bag. Its like you stepped out of a magazine.

  7. The green sweater and pink-ish skirt outfit is a super flattering shape on you, and the scarf in your hair looks very cute. I love your hair in the photo of you in the white dress - the swirl looks so good on you. The maxi dress is amazing and as Mel suggested, I think it would be the perfect dress to wear to the dentist. Very inspired, and inspiring outfits.


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