Monday, July 18, 2011

Still Life With Cat and Sunny Monday!

Another rainy weekend - we actually played Ultimate in the rain and drizzle. For a few moments the sun came out (or it got brighter through the clouds, hard to tell as I think I've forgotten what sun looks like!), and a great steam rose from the field and all around us. It was very spooky.

However, prior to playing Ulty, I went to my WW meeting: Inigo inisted on sitting here.

This is my second wear of this cardigan; this is my t-shirt from London and this is the second and final wear of this skirt. I've decided I don't like it - the waistband is too big. And of course, those are my fab Fluevogs (seen here).

Cardigan (Express, thrifted), t-shirt (Upper Playground), skirt (Fenchurch), boots (Inez Sexton, Bellevues family, Fluevog).

Today, I wanted to wear this zebra skirt that I can only wear in warm weather:
I last wore it here.

Although I love the skirt with this bright yellow cardigan, it (the cardigan) is also going into the consignment store pile. Sad, but I've gotten a lot of wear out of it (last seen here, and previously here, here, here, here and here). It pills, it doesn't fit right (I always feel too boobular in it), and I'm just not in love with it anymore. I got my money's worth, though: $26.95 divided by 7 wears is um...under $4 a wear. I'm happy with that.

The outside shot:
There was actually a few hours of sun today! I think I made it appear with my yellow sweater!

The stuff:
My neutral shoes went best (I was going to wear this pair, but found that they're starting to separate the top from the soles, so off to the consignment store for them too, boo hoo!). I last wore this pair here.

I actually wore a rust-coloured cami underneath the cardigan to try to bring out the amber beads on the necklace, but it wasn't really visible.

The jangly bits:
I photographed the stuff last night before I packed my clothes in my knapsack. I realized at about 4am that I'd forgotten to pack a belt, so that got shoved in my pack when I got up at 6am.

Cardigan (Future Paradise, consignment), skirt (Plum), shoes (Seychelles, consignment), belt an earrings (Plum), necklace (vintage 60s, Mom's), cuff (thrifted).


  1. Cute casual look. I like the striped cardigan with the tee. And of course, the cat loafing. ♥

    I love your yellow, black and white look. Those are great neutral shoes.

    Out with the old, in the with the new. Hope you get some goodies from consignment. I figure if the price per wear is low enough, I don't feel too guilty. Especially if it's going to be donated/consigned.

  2. I like the subtle stripe trend you have - the cardigan in one and the skirt in the other! Glad you're finally getting warmer weather!

  3. Love the zebra skirt. And I find that reading your posts teaches me valuable lessons about constructing outfits, weighing different items, and dressing in general. By osmosis, you've been teaching me how to dress better. Thank you!

  4. Hello Inigo! Tutoring any kittens today?

    I adore those neutral shoes with the zebra skirt. Cool looks all around, Sheila. (boobular??) : >

  5. Love that saffron cute and with a great skirt and accessories...I might have to use this for an inspiration look in the fall...

  6. Yesterday was a nice surprise, what with the sun coming out! Love the outfits, but as always, love the kitty!

  7. Both of these are marvelous! The striped cardigan and graphic tee combo is especially inspired.

  8. By the way you describe the weather, I would say we are neighbors !
    That word, "boobular" it always makes me laugh when i read it. Its a Sheila word-.

  9. I love the black, white, and yellow together. I keep meaning to get some form of yellow accessory... but I can't have it close to my face. Not a good color on me, I recall.

    I adore those neutral shoes. I'm looking forward to the time I can stand to wear something other than Crocs!

  10. So love the yellow and brown outfit!! You look great.

  11. Thanks, Megan! Hee, cat loaf. Yup, time to go do a major thrift shop - this weekend! I never feel guilty about letting go stuff I bought second-hand.

    Cara, thank you! Fingers crossed...

    Ally, thanks! Aw, that's so sweet of you. :)

    Patti, no, he's been doing a lot of growling, though. Thanks! Heh, yes, boobular!

    Thank you, Pam! Go for it!

    Fashionista, wasn't it nice? If only it would stay...

    Sal, thank you - I was actually not sure if that was too risky for me.

    Lorena, we must be! Hee, a Sheila word.

    Jane, so nice to see you! :)

    'Doll, thank you! Do shoes, or a belt or a cuff or something. You definitely need to get out of Crocs - I hope your foot is better soon!

    Nice to see you, Londyn! Thank you!

  12. I hate pilling on sweaters. It's such a bummer to see it getting gradually rubbed away. I admire your ability to take clothes to the consignment shop, though I do love love this mustard and zebra print combo. I'm going to remember that one to replicate!

  13. Vanessa, I agree, it's such a pain, and sad to see a sweater wearing out. Thank you so much!


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