Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Changes, New Things, Old Things

Man, I miss posting more often. Hopefully, things will settle down in the near future.

Casual Weekend Thrifting Outfit - Sunday

Anyway! Let's get right to it. On Sunday, I went thrift shopping with Elaine. We hit all our favourite stores and found some great deals. I dressed for comfort and for heat, because we actually had a summery day! Hurray!
This is another of my maxi-skirts (last seen here, scroll down) - I love the long, flowy style.

I wore my paper hat:
My walking shoes were essential - we covered a lot of ground! I'm wearing a cami with a sheer cardigan tied over it.

The outside shot:
Of course, every exposed bit of skin is sunblocked to the hilt!

Here's a shot of the hat:
I added the grosgrain ribbon and the mink pin that I wore in my hair on Friday night - I think I might just leave that on there!

Cardigan (Guess Jeans, consignment), cami (Mexx, thrifted), skirt (Jones New York), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction), hat (Delux), pin (vintage, thrifted).

Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip - Monday

I bought this blouse at one of my favourite thrift stores for $9.99 - I fell in love with the colours.
The colours reminded me so much of Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip - does anyone else remember that? I loved that stuff! I grew up really close to a little corner store, and I knew every candy ever made from about 1974 to 1989 when I left home. I vaguely recall that Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip was around 15 cents.

The outside shot:
This skirt came out much better with a top tucked in and a bigass belt (this is what happened last time).

The stuff:
Oh, I love my Fluevog Senscha Teapots (last seen here)!

The glittery bits:
I haven't worn those wooden hoop earrings in ages - I've had them for over 5 years, though. They are light as a feather.

Blouse (Express, thrifted), skirt (Plum), belt (Gap), shoes (Fluevog Teapot "Senscha"), bracelet (Jacob), wrist-wrap (Club Monaco), earrings (Le Chateau).

The Blues: A Farewell - Tuesday

Due to the unexpected stress of life lately, I've had to make the difficult decision to give up my At Work Weight Watchers group. It was so sad to break the news to my group. I am going to miss them so much, but I'm turning them over to my original leader, who I know they will love. I got lots of hugs and some emails that made me quite teary.

I am still doing my meeting at the main centre on Tuesday nights, and I hope some of my daytime gals will come and visit me.

I wore this awesome blue sweater that I picked up off the sale rack for $6 at a thrift store:
The bizarre thing is that I used to own this same sweater about 6 years ago, when I was 50 lbs heavier! Of course, I wore an XL then - but isn't that the strangest thing? Very apt, also.

When I owned it before, I had to sew the back up by hand:
I adore the little crystal buttons! The colour is so vivid, and yet, I own very little blue. I'm just not a blue gal (well, not in my clothes, anyway).

I last wore this skirt here, back in October. Sadly, it was nice and warm as our weather cooled off yet again!

Sweater (Plum, thrifted), skirt (Nygaard, consignment), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, thrifted), necklace (50s vintage, Grandma J).

Peacock Pattern - Wednesday

I bought this gorgeous blouse on Saturday at a higher-end consignment store that I don't go to very often because their stuff is about double the price of other thrift stores...*grumble* But they do always have amazing things. The blouse was $25.00.

Vizzini is helping me. Actually, he's waiting for me to open the door so he can make a mad dash for Inigo's food bowl.

The blouse is quite long and has a lovely bias cut to it, but I like it tucked into this high-waisted skirt (last seen here).

I packed this thin jacket for work (cursed AC!):
I had it on only after I got full-on goose-bumps in the office. I last wore it here.

Windy again. *sigh*

Isn't that draping on the neckline nice? I love the brown/cream background, and the peacock feathers have bits of purple and green in them.

The stuff:
Of course, I pulled out my purple belt and green shoes (last seen here) to go with the blouse!

The accessories:
My faux Gucci bracelet, and swirly earrings.

Jacket (Pelican Cove, consignment), blouse (Anne Klein, consignment), skirt (Bedo, thrifted), belt (Plum), shoes (Marc Fisher, consignment), bracelet (faux Gucci, gift from Mom and Dad in the late 80s), earrings (Plum).


  1. I've been missing my Sheila-posts in my reader. I'm glad you are still posting though, better later than never. I'm gonna have to break down my comment by days:
    Sunday - Perfect shopping outfit. Breezy, and the hat is lovely. I thought it was already made with the band/broach, so I hope you leave it like that!

    Monday - I totally remember those candies! My brother and I used to buy them and "friendship bracelets" with arcade tickets as kids. Love the vogs and the candy inspiration.

    Tuesday - Sorry to hear about you canceling your group. Hopefully the extra time will give you some breathing room. Love the shapely skirt with the blue sweater. I've come across jeans and skirts in thrift stores that are bigger versions of clothes I had. It's been happy shopping when that happens.

    Wednesday - That top is so pretty and I love it with the emerald shoes! Hope you got lots of great deals on your shopping trip.

  2. The problem with this long outfit posts is that they have too much fabulousness packed for my brain to process! You're such an elegant and confident lady... I just love your aura! I always had the hots for a sweater that has buttons on the back (and this one is blue!!). I can wait patiently till you get sick of it (my birthday is on the 2nd of March... just sayin!). The shopping outfit is gorgeous, so is the second top! And Vizzini, looks exactly like my cat, Dina a.k.a. "Satan's Helper". Many kisses doll!

  3. Great selection - I am well impressed with what you did with the hat.

  4. I miss your daily posts too - but these round-ups are so full of fashion! Maxi and hat - I love, love that look. Your new blue sweater and fitted pencil skirt look perfect on you - and congratulations again on all the hard work to lose 50 pounds.

    High-waisted skirts look great on you too. What can't you wear???? Oh hey Vizzini - looking good : >

    xoxoxo- Patti

  5. When life gets too busy, we need to cut back. I know you regret doing it, but it's necessary to maintain our sanity.

    Looking at your lovely outfits, I realized something I should probably share with you: examining and enjoying your outfit-posts is not just fun for me, it's educational. I've learned SO MUCH from you! It doesn't feel like education 'cause it's all pleasure, but I pick up innumerable tips. You've been guiding my fashion-development whether you realize it or not. So, thanks!!!

  6. SO much to love! All of your patterned blouses are gorgeous and you wear them so elegantly.

    Hope the stress lets up soon.

  7. Bummed for you about the Tuesday meetings, but hopefully that will free up time for you to do other, even more fun things!

    And yes, I totally remember Lik-Em-Aid (sp?) from my misspent youth! I was at a candy store this weekend that had all the 80's candy still made, like Pop Rocks. Why did I eat that crap?

  8. I do remember the lik m aid stuff and a sleep out with it all in our sleeping bags; ew.
    the maxi skirt is a great print--I'm loving the brown and white prints.
    We have lots of higher end thrift stores now here--its almost cheaper to go to Marshalls or TJs.
    What is up with your weather, GF! I cant believe you are wearing sweaters now! What a bummer--that would be something like NE weather!

  9. oh, there is so much to like in this post. The hat in the first ensemble, the color scheme in the second, but the baby blue with the checked skirt is my absolute favorite.

  10. Sheila, you are so lucky you can wear hats, I loo terrible in them, and worse when I take them off.

    Come to Florida, we still have lik eem aid fun dip! And I am proud to say I still eat it.

    That blue sweater is beautiful and one of my fav colors

    AND last but not least that neckline is my favorite ever.

    Thanks to Megan Mae for hints about each day.

  11. Well if it isn't Sheila Jones ?
    Oh, you can pull off so many looks .
    I love it how one day you can pull the long skirt and hat and then do the sexy woman going to work (last pic).
    I have a long brown skirt that I loved at the store and am now totally clueless on how to wear. Your first pic has given me ideas :) thank you !

  12. I love everything, of course... but that long skirt is goooorgous!

    I too recall Fun Dip... and it can be purchased at a retro candy store where I live. I love the outfit, but the colors seem too subtle. Unless it was different in Canada?

    Congratulations on getting a smaller version of an old favorite!

  13. So many great outfits! I'm sorry you aren't able to post as often as you had been, but I'm glad you are still taking photos to show us. :)

    It's too bad you had to give up the meeting, but hopefully it will help ease your load. Too much stress is not good; I've been under it for a while myself.

  14. I know, sorry, Megan. Hopefully my life will get back on track soon....I miss posting so much. Thank you for all your awesome comments. *hug*

    Dimi, sorry! Ha, when I am sick of that sweater, you can have it! I think Vizzini is a bit of a devil!

    Jane, thank you!

    Patti, aw, thank you! That's so sweet of you. :)

    Ally, yes, sadly that is true. I have had a good long run of nearly daily posts, and cutting back has helped me. Aw, you always say the nicest things - thank YOU!

    Sal, thank you!

    Erin, thanks, hon. I would still eat that crap if it could, ha!

    Paula, ha! Great memory! Thanks! I hope it will be summer now...

    Terri, thank you! That baby blue is so not in my usual colour mix!

    Lesa, aw, you just need the confidence to say, "Screw it!" and wear the darned thing! I don't remember seeing that candy in FL! Thank you so much!

    Lorena, ha! I like to mix up my look, I guess. I hope to see your long skirt soon!

    'Doll, thank you! Yeah, the outfit's colours are a little more subdued, but it was the combination that reminded me of the candy more. Thanks!

    Kristen, thank you! I was so sad to give up the meeting...but having that stress gone is better.

  15. Okay I am REALLY behind on my blog commenting. But wow, that maxi skirt outfit is just stunning! The proportions are beautiful and I love the addition of the sassy hat.


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