Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hi! I'm Sheila and this is my blog.

I'm 40 (may as well just get that out of the way), I'm married (to L) and I have 2 cats (warning: there will be pictures). No kids - not my thing.

The point of this blog is to a) show off some of my fashion stuff and b) show off some of my hobby.

So, I'm a show-off, basically.

I love fashion and being creative in my appearance. I'm a big fan of Kasmira's "What I Wore Today" blog, which inspired me to sign up. I'll post some outfits and you can see what you think.

I also indulge in an odd hobby: I paint fantasy miniatures. They are little metal things, shaped like people, monsters, dragons, that sort of thing. I'm a good painter - it's a finicky hobby (most of the figs are only a couple of centimeters tall), but I'm all about the details. And since L and I have over 4,000 of the damned things, no one sees them unless they come to our place. I'll probably post a couple of his figs too.

Here's the first one:
I am working on an Egyptian theme of figures. Since we randomly choose what we're going to paint next, this is one of the first ones I've done. I like the shading. It's supposed to look like a statue, rather than a real dog.

This particular piece has had some "sand" added to the base - gives it that "just uncovered" archaeological feel, I think.


  1. Who are you calling odd?

    Have you ever considered dioramas? That was always my big thrill, to contextualize the figs. Making atmospheric settings and letting them interact. Desert settings, figuring out how to make realistic rust or grease or rock sedimentary formations or fenceposts or tents or whatever. I always wanted to do a winter scene with frozen water and snow and scratchbuilt evergreens and icicles.

    Oh god, I am such a nerd. I paint figs! Little tiny people! How... odd.

  2. Oh, I'm odd. And so are you!

    Yes, L and I have both done some dioramas. Mostly for some of the bigger pieces (I built a display scene for one of my big dragons), but they take up an awful lot of room. We've bought building ruins with the goal of doing a vampire set, and one day we plan to do a pirates-on-beach scene.


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