Monday, March 31, 2008

Grey, Black and Yellow

Cream camisole (Plum), yellow poly satin blouse (Bliss), grey pinstripe vest (aka 'the boob vest') (Dots), black pleat front skirt with bow and pockets (Plum), black striped tights (The Bay), granny shoes (The Cobbler); black stone earrings and silver/black hinged bangle bracelet (both The Cobbler).

I got this blouse and its identical twin in cobalt blue about a month ago at one of those really chi-chi expensive boutiques - they are both size Large which is ridiculous, and just goes to prove how random sizing is - for only $15 each. Boo yah! I can always find a bargain.

I'm looking a little puffy in front, partly because this skirt has a goofy 1/2 bow smack dab in the middle, and partly because light-coloured satin shows everything. These tights are history - I blew both toes on them. Damn!

My office has decreed that April is "Denim Month" - oh, joy. It's bad enough that "office casual" has degenerated into grubby khakis and sloppy sweaters; must we also be subjected to horrid jeans and sweatshirts every day now? I dislike casual Fridays - I just don't feel professional at work unless I am wearing "work clothes". My casual denim looks on Friday are usually miles dressier than what most people wear. Ah well, this will be a challenge for me to see if I can do a whole month of work casual. Oy.

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