Fabulous Fashion/Lifestyle Blogs

If you are a casual reader, you're sure to find something you like below. Click through, read, and enjoy! Many of these blogs have subscription options (eg. emails), so do follow or subscribe if you like one. Please comment when you can - it's the life-blood for many bloggers (we are a solitary bunch, in real life).

If you are a blogger, reading, commenting and following other blogs is the best way to build your own readership (most bloggers will click through on your login name to see if you have a blog, and will check you out), and to participate in the blogging community.

FYI if you comment: I won't link to your blog just because you ask me to; all links below are sites that I like and/or people that I've gotten to know over time.

"I link because I love."

The following blogs are all updated regularly (daily, every few days, weekly or monthly) - check 'em out! I read every post that these lovely bloggers publish! Not all of them are about fashion; some are "lifestyle" or more of a diary format. I enjoy reading them, and consider these lovely people my friends.

In no particular order...

Polyester Princess - Ann

Away From Blue - Mica

Vintage Vixen - Vix

No Fear of Fashion - Greetje

Shybiker - Ally

Witchcrafted Life - Autumn

Nancy's Fashion Style - Nancy

Senora Allnut - Monica

Anna's Island Style - Anna

A Little Place to Call My Own - Ivana

My Every Day Wear - Lorena

Vronni's Style Meanderings - Veronica (Vronni)

Dreaming of Vintage Treasures - Jess

Kezzie AG - Kezzie

AllWays in Fashion - Michelle

Wendy Brandes Jewelry - Wendy

Crinoline Robot - Mim

Hostess of the Humble Bungalow - Leslie

Over 50 Feeling 40 - Pam

Style Crone - Judith

What I Wore 2Day - Kasmira

These are the fabulous bloggers I met in person in Vancouver at the 40+ Blogger Meet-Up in 2015. I recommend all of these!


  1. Thanks for sharing these links I had so much fun blog hopping this morning.

  2. Thanks for sharing these blog links...Now I'm following just about every ONE of them and looking forward to updates and inspiration!

  3. What kind of work do you do where you get to wear such fabulous outfits?

    1. I used to work in corporate leasing, negotiating leases for stores in North America - no one but my coworkers saw me, so I could wear whatever I wanted. Now (and for the past 5 years) I work as office manager for an IT company - again, I can wear whatever I want, pretty much! I don't think I could have a job that didn't let me dress like I do!


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