Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Battle of the Yellow Dresses

Ah, it's been a quiet weekend - so relaxing and pleasant. Let us cast our minds all the way back to Friday.
Yellow dress! Isn't it pretty? I did weekend hair to cover up for having atrocious roots.

  • Dress - Calvin Klein, thrifted; purchased here for $29.99
  • Shoes - Guess; last seen here for Shoe Shine #26, and last worn here with floral and dots earlier this month
  • Floral jacket (below) - Paparazzi, thrifted; last seen here in April with dots

Elaine and I went to see Ballet West on Friday night after work. We grabbed some dinner and wine first, and I am ashamed to admit I snoozed a bit during the dances. There were 3 long pieces, each punctuated by an intermission.
I do love dance, but they were long pieces with abstract music. Only the last piece, which was set to Shirley Jackson's classic(ly creepy) story, "The Lottery", followed a traditional narrative and kept me engaged. Review by the local rag here.
I felt appropriately swooshy in this layered buttercup yellow dress. I was shocked to see so many people in jeans and Birkenstocks (with socks, the horror!) - seriously, people! This is the ballet!

I wore this embroidered coat again, as my outerwear garment.
I did wear it a few times to cover up in the office.

With long cashmere gloves and a fur collar for warmth. It's still a chilly out there.
Gah, I love that coat!

The stuff:
If I go full girly, I usually contrast it with punk-y accessories.

Studs-a-rama bling:
I loved the mixed metal studs on that belt.

  • Belt - BCBG Max Azria, consignment
  • Cuff - homegrown vintage 80s
  • Death star ring - Stone Roses
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop
  • Earrings - local

On Saturday, we had Ultimate Frisbee, so why not wear my other yellow dress?
Which brings me to a dilemma: I don't need two yellow dresses in nearly the same cut and colour? What to do?

  • Dress - Calvin Klein; last seen here in September 2014 with a shirt layered underneath
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; purchased here in November 2014 for $42.95

It was a tough game - my team lost - and we consoled ourselves with lunch out afterwards. I like having something nice on to wear to lunch. No workout clothes in public for me!
I bought this dress new about 4 years ago at Winners for around $70 - it's cotton and has a very wide neckline. It comes up high under the armpits (so you know what that means) and is too big across the back of my neck. I do love the colour and cut, though.

The stuff:
First wear of these shoes and they are awesome! The strap across the vamp is quite high so secures them on my feet. I like the soft blue and the flowers on the toes. They were quite comfy (very squishy inside) and that's not a super-high heel for me.

Badass bling:
I used to wear this belt all the time (I've had it about 7 years), but not so much now.

  • Belt - consignment
  • Buckle - She She Shoes
  • Cuff - Shi Studio
  • Earrings - Carracol

Well? What would you do? Which dress would you keep?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Shoe Shine #26

Shoe Shine is on!
Get your kicks by showing your kicks!
These are one of my oldest pairs of shoes. I think I've had them for at least 5 years. I bought them new on clearance at the Bay for about $49.00, and to this day, I kick myself for not buying the same shoes in a cream and brown snakeskin. They're by Guess.
They are the classic black pump, with the perfect toe, the perfect shape, the perfect heel. Well, that's my opinion! Add the red leather lining and I'm in love.
Look at that gorgeous heel. They are still comfortable for me to wear to work (and I've worn them a LOT over the years - you can see the thrashing that the heel has taken, and the patent leather is getting a bit worn. I've never found another pair of black shoes as good as this, but somehow I keep looking.

What's your classic shoe? Heel? Flat? Is it black? 
Show us! 

Want to play? It's super-easy. Anyone can join.
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Vintage Pierre, Christian and a Bedsheet

Thursdays feel like my Fridays now, with the extra hours I put in at the second WW meeting I do. It's a good feeling when all the tough stuff is over - bring on the weekend!
I felt smashing in this outfit all day. I am a fan of pattern matching and who knew red and white polka dot was a neutral?

  • Jacket - Desigual by Christian Lacroix, consignment; last seen here in February with orange
  • Top - Bordeaux, consignment; purchased here for $18.00
  • Skirt - vintage 80s Pierre Cardin, thrifted; purchased here for $24.00
  • Shoes - Marc; last seen here earlier this month with all the condiments

I am quite smitten with this jacket. Jacket, thou hast smote me. I wore it as outerwear (it looks wonderful done up - pic in the link up there), and also wore it in the office as my topper when I got chilly.

So much amazing!
This the first wearing of the fabulous vintage Pierre Cardin skirt, which I bought with the spectacular Melanie of Bag and a Beret. I stroked the sleek silk all day - it didn't even wrinkle! I loved the long sinuous cut of it, although it doesn't look right with flats - needs a heel.

First wear for this white blouse as well. Yes, I'm having a white blouse thing right now.
"What's in here that I can destroy?"
Note the lopsided shoulders. I really liked how it draped - it reminded me of bedsheet togas (not that I know anything about that, heh).

The stuff:
Wonderful red shoes. This is the kind of heel I can wear. Keepers.

Red and blue bling:
I love all these pieces.

  • Earrings - local
  • Red ring - Oscar & Libby's
  • Swirly ring - Scotland, 1996
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

I'm off to the ballet tomorrow night! What are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Conservative Square in Blue

Another late night. Man, I need some vacation time, but don't have any scheduled until early June. What was I thinking?
One of my coworkers said she thought my style was veering towards more conservative. Eh, I don't see that, but I know that my whackadoo outfits are more seldom (I save 'em for the weekend and parties!).

  • Tux shirt - no label, thrifted; purchased here for $6.00
  • Skirt - Melanie Lyne, consignment; last seen here in February with peach and copper
  • Shoes - Land's End, thrifted; last worn here a couple of weeks ago with bright orange for Whitehorse

The skirt sits low-ish on my hips, versus at my actual waistline. I was fidgeting with the skirt at the waistband all day. This is why bodysuit shirts (remember those??) were so popular in the 90s when ultra-low waists were all the rage. Heh, bodysuits. They did have their use, but they were a pain to go to the bathroom in.
This was the shirt's first wear - I liked it, but it's a bit big on me. I think it'll be better with something that snugs it in at the waist, or tied at my waist. This skirt works better with a loose, untucked shirt. Things to try to remember for next time.

The stuff:
I was so happy to be wearing these lovely blue shoe today. My feet were very thankful.

I think I might have to pull out some of my uber-high heels and go down to the consignment shop...many of those are Fluevogs. Although I don't want to get rid of them, there is no point in hanging onto shoes I just don't wear anymore. Part of the reason I started this blog was to record all the cool things I have - I can always visit them here!

Blue bling:
All those rings were a nuisance when I was carrying heavy reams of paper to the other office today, but they look so badass! I always like a little badass in my outfits.

Conservative? Moi? Never! I promise some craziness tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Aqua and Orange - 'Fin Fan

I'm in what I think of as my "summer colours": orange and aqua. 
L is a huge Miami Dolphins fan - they're my second-favourite team after my beloved Carolina Panthers - and the 'Fins colours are orange and aqua.

  • Top - CABi, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in July 2014
  • Top - Nine West, thrifted; purchased here earlier this month for $1.50
  • Skirt - vintage 80s, Danier, thrifted; purchased here for $10.88
  • Shoes - Poetic Licence; last seen here for Shoe Shine #5, and last worn here in May 2014 with - you guessed it - orange and aqua

L loves the Dolphins so much, we once threw a themed birthday party for him (check it out, here, in 2010) - I wore these same shoes!

The 2015 NFL schedule is being released today (and there was much rejoicing!), and L and I will be checking it carefully. We are looking to do a little sports tourism and hope to see at least one of our teams play this year. I could be coming to your neck of the woods!
I wasn't wholly in love with this outfit, and in checking when I last wore this flowy silk top and these sky-high shoes, I'm thinking they may need to go. The top is cool, but not the most flattering.

The little orange top and the aqua skirt were fine, although the skirt doesn't allow for much movement. I do like to take big strides!

The stuff:
I love the shoes so much, but that is a really HIGH heel for me these days. I seem to wear them once a year, which is not very much for taking up that space in my closet for half a year.

Plain ol' bling:
A quick pic before I dash off to my WW meeting!

  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Earrings - 5th anniversary gift from L

Think warm thoughts!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Blue and Orange with Gingham

This was a cranky Monday. I'm tired, I'm aching from Ultimate and I did not want to go to work today. Time to fake it!
Orange and bright blue! One of my favourite colour combos, especially when both are so bright and saturated.

  • Blouse - no label, vintage 80s, thrifted; purchased here for $5.50
  • Skirt - Smoking Lily, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in June 2014 with black and green
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond; last worn here in March to the Art Gallery with polka dots

I have traded out my silk version (this one) of this "square blouse" for this polyester cobalt blue one - the silk one is stained in the 'pits and I can wash this one. Much as I prefer silk overall, polyester is more practical for me.

I'm iffing on the skirt - I love it, but it doesn't get the wear it deserves.
Might be time to move it along.

The stuff:
Love those shoes - so orange!

Brilliant bling:
I love that Megan made this obi belt out of Ally's ties. 
  • Obi - Megan, via Ally
  • Earrings - vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Death Star ring - Stone Roses
  • Blue/silver ring - Scotland, 1996

You know what Friday is? 
Shoe Shine! Start planning now!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dress Weekend Wrap-Up: Chartreuse and Bugs, Fan of Orange, and Silk with Clogs

What a lovely weekend - and I have yet more to enjoy, as I'm off to play the new Carcassonne with L shortly. I got in a little of everything!
I didn't realize until I was editing my photos that I wore dresses all weekend. I wore this one to the Ultimate field (changed there) and to Floyd's for brunch after with Nick and L.

  • Dress - Cici; last seen here in September 2014 with Friday's yellow shoes
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last worn here last week with plenty of pink

Chartreuse is such a great colour - I love how gold pops off it.

Linking up to Patti's "Visible Monday" over at Not Dead Yet Style! Are you dead? Not yet? Then get over there! She's looking gorgeous in her long flowing skirt.
The scarf was for hair recovery post-game. This is my first game of the season, and it was a lot of running and sprinting - I get sweaty!

Outerwear for the slightly-overcast morning.
That colour makes my heart sing!

The stuff:
I broke in a new pair of cleats, so needed these ballet flats for comfort after the game. I ripped my socks and clipped one ankle, but no blisters thankfully.

Buggy bling:
It's a bug theme!

  • Scarf - vintage 1997, Smoking Lily
  • Belt - vintage 70s, thrifted
  • Cuff - Catalyst Reaction leather; thrifted
  • Earrings - Erica Wiener

After Ulty and brunch, I set up a little Zentangle station on the deck: 

A big glass of water, my inspirations books, my pens and smudger and an 89 cent fan from Chinatown.

This is what it looked like after 3 hours.
I made this for my friend Alison, who had a birthday last week. I gave it to her last night at Winesday.

I started in the upper left corner, but went from one area to another randomly. I did sketch out the "A" first in pen and coloured it in right away. This helped me balance the whiter areas with some black areas.
These paper fans are cheap paper; sometimes my pen poked through (near the fan's spines), and one of the big filler pens bled a bit, so I had to watch my edges. I was also pressed for time - although this took me 3 hours, I was rushing at the end to get it all shaded.

I like the contrast of the rounded areas with the large filler section of geometric shapes.
That square design was so easy to do - it was one of the last sections I did.

I really liked my Paradox section (the one that looks like a weird triangle). I missed contour shading the bottom section of it, though - that bugs me. I know no one but me would notice that!
The "dangles" section is my favourite - that's the long thin lines and finials and curlicues at the top of the fan. I tried a few dangles in the upper left corner of the fan first, and really liked how it looked - it worked really well as a filler for that top section. A whole fan done in that would be beautiful, wouldn't it? I am excited to try this gain with some different tangles.

Vizzini chilled in the sun with me - it got quite warm out there!
"Must achieve maximum sun saturation."
He was very happy to have us around all afternoon. MANsday was at out house so he enjoyed chillin' with all the guys.
"Leave me be, woman!"
I put my hair up, and dressed comfy.
What's more comfy than a dress? A dress with studded boots.

  • Dress - Land's End, consignment; last seen here in February with Lacroix
  • Top - Majestic, swap from Caro; house attire - no longer tracked
  • Boots - Ash; last worn here (3rd outfit) last weekend to get groceries

No stair pic as my neighbour was out there!

The stuff:
I was running last so cabbed to Yvonne's for Winesday, but I walked home at 2am with 3 other friends. Comfy boots!

  • Orange cuff - thrifted
  • Black cuff - Guess, thrifted
  • Earrings - local

I had a nice sleep-in this morning, and woke up to a gorgeous hot and sunny day.
L and I walked to town, got groceries, had lunch and did a little fun shop (Carcassonne game and some t-shirts from the Patch for L, as well as some CDs, a book and some purple hair dye...hee hee).

  • Dress - Club Monaco, thrifted; last worn here in August 2014 with purple shoes
  • Clogs - Born, consignment; purchased here in November 2014 for $38.95

I'm glad I kept this dress - I love the easy shape of it and the flowy silk - it's so girly to wear.
"I pose too!"
Vizzini was all over me this morning. I sat down and he curled right up in my lap.

I wore a cardigan over the dress for walking around town, and I was warm! What a novelty! Spring is finally really here!
These shoes don't really go with the outfit, I know. I wanted to test-drive them on a small walk for their first wear.

The stuff:
L really hates these. I'll definitely be doing another series of Shoes My Husband Hates this summer. However, they were supremely comfortable. We walked for about an hour and a half total, and not a rubbing anywhere.

  • Earrings - local

I caught Vizzini on the deck early Saturday morning when I first got up.
"Shhh! I'm on undercover duty."
He has the funniest expressions.
"I'm watching you."
I hope you had a fabulous weekend!