Monday, January 21, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up: Plaid Cowgirl, Olive Leopard-Bee, and Cat Pictures

Hello, my friends! I am back, but I've been sick this weekend: a nasty UTI (urinary tract infection) hit me this weekend, so I've been laying low and taking my antibiotics. 

Saturday: L and I had some household chore-y things to do, so I geared up to face the world. 
 Plaid flannel, to pretend I am still in bed; and cowboy boots, for kicking butt (mentally, of course).

This is my entry for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style! Go!

  • Dress - Naughty; last worn here in February 2018 for last year's VFF Gala evening
  • Boots - 1883 Lucchesse, consignment; last seen here in December 2018 (another cowgirl look!)
  • Leather coat (below) - Danier Leather; last worn just a few days ago here

This dress is one of my few retail purchases - I got it at Dots around September 2011 for $30, and first wore it here. It's going on 8 years old this year!
 I love all the swoops and swaths of fabric.

I'm wearing a red vintage slip under it for coverage and warmth, as the dress is unlined.
 It's a 9/10 dress for comfort, fun, and style. I dock it a point for lack of pockets.

Outerwear - should have worn a scarf, although it was a lovely sunny day.
 Klassy, changing up my purse, even.

  • Gloves - Danier Leather
  • Purse - Steve Madden, consignment

The stuff:
 Easy boots. We did a lot of walking and busing around town.

  • Belt - Gap, consignment
  • Black cuff - Guess, thrifted
  • Red cuff - Rimanchik
  • Earrings - Tanya Gleave, Granville Island

Before we leave the house, we always check for Vizzini, as he often gets shut in a closet (he's very sneaky). Look where we finally found him!
"Really, Woman? I'm trying to nap here."
 Having gotten a new bathrobe for Christmas, I cut up my old one (which he liked to sleep on), and lined his scratching post house with it.

Such a cutie! Let's use the flash! Ha ha!
"You have a sick sense of humour, Woman." 
 That's for all the times you wake me up at 4am.

On Saturday night, things were not feeling good. I came down with the aforementioned horrendous UTI, only my second one in 23 years! I barely slept that night, and got up very early on Sunday to get in line at a local medical clinic (my province's huge lack of doctors being readily apparent). Close to 8 hours later - so much waiting! - I was home again and taking antibiotics. I didn't do much on Sunday at all, except lie on the couch and doze and watch football.

Today, up and ready to go to work. I had this outfit sitting in reserve for a day when I didn't have anything planned.
 I look like an olive bumblebee with leopard arms. Perhaps that is the sleep debt talking?

  • Blouse - Planet, consignment; last seen here in February 2018 with yellow
  • Sweater - Tuzzi, consignment; purchased here for $11.50
  • Suede/leather skirt - Ann Taylor, thrifted; last worn here with green and snakes in November 2018
  • Shoes - Chie Mihara, consignment; first worn here in November with green rabbits
  • Coat (below) - Hilary Radley, thrifted; last seen here a week ago

I did manage to freshen up my lilac colour on Saturday before all hell broke loose.
 This outfit was fine, but I left work early today. I was still feeling really wiped out, and a few of my coworkers noticed I was looking pale. Gotta listen to my body, and not push through!

I'm not 100% on this weird sweater - it was itchy, even with a blouse under it - so it's in the giveaway pile. It was worth a shot at less than $12, though. Always attempt the weird, even if it fails.
 The bottom half of the outfit is pretty standard, and I was reminded how nice this suede skirt is.

How I really felt this morning.
 Don't want to go to work. Nope Face!

Outerwear - it's clear and cold, and I wanted to be warm.
 I was.

  • Toque/gloves - Danier Leather
  • Fur scarf - thrifted

The stuff:
 Second wearing of these wonderful shoes. Sorry for such a short outing, shoes. Another time.

Minimal bling:
 Tip #34 for How to tell Sheila isn't feeling well: I don't bother with jewelry.

This is what I really need.
"Woman, I protest this shot of my butt-hole!"
 I'm sorry, buddy, I didn't know it was showing!

This is waiting for me now...
"I shall sleep on you."
On my way.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Casual Friday: Monster Vest and New Boots

Friday is here, and ooh boy, am I glad. As a special treat, I am actually posting on Friday instead of saving this for Sunday, just to remove some of the time spent on the Bigass Weekend Wrap-up. 
 Another ruffled blouse, Monster Vest and my new boots. Oh, and jeans.

  • Monster Vest - Zara, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) for our trip to Vancouver in March 2018
  • Silk blouse - Emporio Armani, thrifted; first worn here with red suede in August 2018
  • Jeans - Levi Strauss bike commuter jeans, thrifted; last seen here in December 2018 with my $1,000 dollar blouse
  • Boots - Truths Teah, Fluevog; purchased here for $299.00
  • Coat (below) - Zara, gift from Dominique; last seen here in November 2018

I reassured many of my coworkers that Monster Vest was not actually made from real Muppets.
 I see these faux fur vests in thrift stores frequently - if you ever get one, be warned. They are HOT to wear. As in sweaty. Very sweaty.

Back into the wash goes my silk blouse (I sweated in it last time I wore it too).
 The colour does appear to match my hair perfectly, but the silk is actually pale grey with burgundy dots (proof here).

I still felt badass all day and strode about my office gleefully shaking my fur at my colleagues.
 Looking forward to the weekend.

Outerwear - this is one of a few coat that fits over Monster Vest. I went with this one because, did I mention? this vest is HOT to wear. Also, it's a really groovy shape.
 A snuggly fur scarf and elbow-length leather gloves and I am set.

  • Fur boa - thrifted
  • Gloves - Club Monaco, consignment

The stuff:
 First wearing of these boots, and they were fabulous. The shaft is quite stiff, but the ankle area loosened up quite a bit over the day.

Badass bling:
Nothing that would catch on the faux fur.

  • Grommet belt - gift from Ruth
  • Crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Obsidian/silver ring - gift from Mom & Dad, c. 1984
  • Earrings - Glee

And now, I am off to make dinner and chill out.
"And letting me in the hallway!"

No, buddy, you are not allowed out there.

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Snazzy Plaid and Ruffles and Velvet. And Sparkles.

My outfit is all the adjectives today. 
 Velvet. Gold. Pleated. Ruffled. Paisley. Plaid. Wool. Glitter. Snazzy!

  • Blazer - Pink Tartan, consignment; purchased here for $38.98
  • Blouse - CABi, consignment; last seen here in February 2018 with Monday's velvet dress (I love that outfit)
  • Trousers - Talbots, thrifted; last worn here (5th outfit) in October 2018 - first outfit of autumn
  • Shoes - Seychelles; last seen here in December 2018 with black and shiny paisley
  • Leather trenchcoat (below) - vintage 70s, thrifted; last worn here a couple of weeks ago

Today was an okay day, but I'm feeling emotionally worn out. Dealing with people is hard! I am feeling the need to introvert. So today's outfit is about faking it till you make it, and clothing as armour.
Keeping in theme this week, and starting with this lovely pleated ruffled blouse - it has pleated ruffles at the cuffs as well, although they're mostly hidden by the jacket.

Isn't this green velvet piece of amazeballs the BEST? Some of you might recall my old grass-green velvet jacket, last seen here in May 2017. It didn't make the cut and I've since given it away. This jacket is so much nicer, but the same colour. What a win!
However, like my old jacket, this one is going into my spring/summer wardrobe, where it will not ever be worn under a coat again. This much velvet and my trenchcoat? It was like wearing velcro in a room full of wool.

I wore it buttoned thusly, to allow the ruffles to escape.
 I love these fully-lined wool trousers. They have a touch of dark green in the plaid.

All buttoned up. Two of the buttons popped off near the end of the day.
 The gold buttons are really lovely - very heavy and detailed (pic here). It will be a joy sewing them back on (*snort*).

Outerwear - I did not need any of the accoutrements all day.
 I wrestled with this coat every minute I had it on - the lining was like sticky-tape on the velvet.

  • Toque/scarf/gloves - Danier Leather

The stuff:
 So glittery! I liked the way these anchored the outfit and balanced with the bits of gold from the buttons.

Sparkly bling:
First wearing of these thrifted earrings. I declare them: Adequate!

  • Earrings - thrifted; purchased for $3.12 here - first wearing
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop, Florence, Italy

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Autumn Mermaid

Today felt like autumn, even though it's winter. So let's dress in autumnal colours, shall we?
 It was the perfect day for my new-to-me vintage 70s mermaid skirt. And continuing my theme of ruffled-neck blouses, this blouse has a fabulous ruffle of pleats down the front that can be fanned in various positions.

  • Blouse - L'Wren Scott, A Tropical Conversation, FW2011, thrifted; last seen here in March 2018 with leopard pants
  • Mermaid skirt - vintage 70s, thrifted; purchased here for $9.00
  • Shoes - Mini QTee, Fluevog, consignment; last seen here in December 2018 with lacy legs
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather; last worn here last week

As you can tell, the red of the blouse did not photograph well indoors. It's not orange. Looks orange - but it's not. It's red.
 I built this outfit around this glorious 70s knit wool skirt. It just screams quality, and it was amazing to wear. The mermaid hem was deliciously swooshy - Swoosh Factor 8!

I showed it off and twirled for my coworkers.
 Pairing it with red was a no-brainer - there are bits of red in the pattern.

Such a cool blouse. I'm still boggled that I found L'Wren Scott for only $7.99! Really!
 I love the flattering way that a mermaid skirt looks on. Curve-a-rama!

Outerwear - brrr, it's chilly, but that's west coast chilly, not east coast, where it's -15, feels like -25. I can't even conceive of those temps! Right now at 6pm, it's 6 degrees (that's around 45 for you US folks).
 We are delicate flowers, indeed.

  • Faux fur scarf/gloves - Parkhurst

The stuff:
 The shoes could not have been a better match. They even have red piping!

Bronze bling:
I was so pleased at how well this awesome metal belt went with the outfit. Another great gift from Mom, that she purchased while on vacation in the UK several years back - I've had this for at least 7 or 8 years.

  • Belt - gift from Mom
  • Earrings - c. 1994
  • Spinner ring - Twang & Pearl
  • Amber ring - c. 1996

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

SOUSes Meets POUSes

The last time I wore these pants, I referred to them as Pants Of Unusual Size, which is a riff off a scene in the movie"The Princess Bride", one of my favourite movies of all time. Here's the best YouTube clip of the ROUS (Rodents Of Unusual Size) scene (link) - you will note that they are pronounced "Are Oh You Esses", not rowses. 
And today we have my Ess Oh You Esses (my Shoulders Of Unusual Size) meeting my Pea Oh You Esses (my Pants of Unusual Size). Not souses and powses!

  • "Espionage" jacket - Nanette Lepore, consignment; purchased here for $75.00
  • Baby blue blouse - no label, vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here in September 2018 with pearls and metal
  • POUSes - Linda Lundstrom, Hazel's via Caro; last seen here in December 2018 with red and stripes
  • Shoes - Amante, vintage, thrifted; last worn here in October 2018 with snakeskin and green
  • Sleeveless coat (below) - Only, thrifted; last seen here in December 2018

I am large and in charge! Although the jacket has strong proportions, I went with my large pants. I liked how they looked together. It's different.
 Clothing as armour: there is a body under there, but I kind of just wanted to be covered, head-to-toe today.

First wearing of this new-to-me blazer - the detail on it is incredible. The shoulders are very structured - that is no ordinary 80s shoulder-pad, my friends. Check out the synchronous post at The Elle Diaries here, as Elle shows how her own vintage large-shouldered dress has come around again, trendwise. Big shoulders are here to stay!
 The back has two pleats at the shoulder, plus a full vent down the middle. Below the waist, it has two more pleats on each side, to really give it an hourglass shape. I love how the plaid is turned 45 degrees against itself too.

On the front, we have the waist banding, and double lapels, and everything has a deliberately ragged edging. The waistband does up with a claw-shaped button and one hook and eye.
 Hands in trouser pockets, but there are pleated and draped front pockets on the jacket too.

Outerwear - can you believe I didn't even wear a sleeved coat?
 This was just right for today, although rain is on the way later this week.

  • Fur scarf - thrifted
  • Wool/fur gloves - vintage, thrifted

The stuff:
 One of my best thrifted pairs of shoes - these are so comfy and elegant.

Silver bling:
 I wanted a brooch or necklace at the top of the blouse, but I ended up settling on this bold zipper rose on the lapel instead. Bold jewelry was needed with this oversized look.

  • Brooch - Victoria & Albert Museum gift shop, London
  • Silver earrings - Brenda Schoenfeld, 1992, vintage mall
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

Feeling goofy this morning - here are some outtakes for you.

I must show the jacket pockets, while doing a deep knee-bend!
 I must show you how wide the legs are!

I must do a strange lunging pose!
 Clothing that inspires one to be goofy is awesome in my book. Jazz hand!

Tonight when I got home, I captured Vizzini and I in the hall mirror.
"My fans are here?? Where?"

Caught in the act of snuggling!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Velvet and Burgundy Ruffles

Hello, my friends! Another week upon us, and my mind is in a better state than last week. I spent some time yesterday/Sunday playing around in my closet, putting together outfits and getting inspired to be creative with my closet. 
 I inadvertently managed to create a theme for the week - I'll be wearing a lot of blouses, and every one of them has ruffles down the front. I may need to form a support group, ha ha!

  • Tux blouse - no label, thrifted; last worn here with chevrons in October 2017
  • Dress - Mimi Bizjak, vintage, thrifted; last seen here in February 2018 with greys
  • Boots - Baroque Velasquez, Fluevog; last worn here in October 2017?? 
  • Coat (below) - Hilary Radley, thrifted; last seen here in December 2018

This dress has a solid late 90s/early 00s vibe. I remember so many dresses having this fitted corset-y top then.
 The dress is the softest velvet, in a dark brown, and works great for layering blouses under it.

I love the bubble hem, which dips down slightly at the back.
 I did a pretty simple outfit as I knew I'd be unpacking and moving around office supplies, including big boxes of paper.

Monday face. Game on!
 It was a good day overall, but these 5 day weeks are horrendous. How can I possibly work that many days in a row?

Outerwear - we had gorgeous sunny skies again today, but of course, that translates to very chilly overnight temperatures.
 I'd rather be snuggly warm in the Unsafe Ocelot - it's such a cocoon of a coat!

  • Faux fur scarf - Parkhurst
  • Gloves - Parkhurst

The stuff:
 These are lovely boots - I should wear them more. I thought for sure that I'd already worn them this fall/winter season, but darned if I could not find a more recent outfit with them! That's a Crime Against Shoe-manity!

Copper bling:
I pinned the brooch at the top of my blouse - a very late 80s trend.

  • Brooch - thrifted
  • Earrings - vintage fair
  • Cuff - vintage 60s, Renoir, Grandma J's

Wishing you all an awesome week ahead!